Bosch Thermo-Technology SA

BTT, Portugal
The Bosch User Experience laboratory has the capability of simulating an end-user house with state of the art appliances incorporating temperature sensors and communication technologies. The integration of the prototypes in these facilities will allow assessing the performance of the advanced version in the presence of controllable appliances, such as a smart electric water heaters.


EFACEC, Portugal

Efacec Automation focuses on engineered solutions for the control and management of electric power networks. Based upon a philosophy of innovation and differentiation, Efacec Automation continually demonstrates a strong integration capability, supported by the diverse technological competencies acquired through a long history. Efacec Automation provides products and solutions for electrical power grids, transportation, cities and industry & utilities.

Power Plus Communications

PPC, Germany

Power Plus Communications is a leading provider of Broadband Powerline communications systems for Smart Metering and Smart Grids. PPC’s Broadband Powerline technology provides DNOs and utilities with a powerful communications solution enabling Smart Metering and Smart Grids. Open, standards-based BPL communications technology uses the existing electricity grid itself for broadband data transfer, in real-time, encrypted and Internet Protocol based.
As a pioneer of BPL technology, PPC has outstanding experience and expertise and has already implemented BPL networks in electricity distribution grids supplying more than 500,000 households.