Management and Control Systems

Activities and Goals

  • Identification of technical and technological requirements
  • Design of a control and management solution
  • Development of a user interface

Key Learnings

It is possible to develop an effective solution using frameworks currently available on the market in order to avoid highly time consuming and costly solutions. The time that was gained with this approach allowed the project team to focus on the features that distinguish AnyPLACE from other solutions available on the market.

The final cost of solutions in mass production can be reduced by eliminating stationary multi-touch displays. The use of a web interface allows the end-users to access AnyPLACE using their smartphones, computers or other devices with internet access and a web browser.

The user interface design must be simple, however the solution must be highly configurable (connected devices and AnyPLACE settings, for example) in order to accommodate the most restrained and the most enthusiastic users.

The later stages of the field trial benefitted from a direct contact line to AnyPLACE support, that was provided in the Help menu.

Findings: What questions were answered?

  • The first version of the user interface was developed with special attention to the interactions between the different AnyPLACE components in order to provide an early and quick working version with a minimum set of functionalities. This was relevant for the further development of the team since it allowed to test the integration of all the AnyPLACE components, and it allowed to evaluate the usability of the user interface which led to major improvements in the layout in later versions.

The information we learned would be of interest to

Appliance and front-end developers

Further reading

Project document will be added and published to as they are completed.