Business Practices, Economic Impacts & Market Uptake Strategies

Activities & Goals

  • Identification of business practices and services currently offered, economic impact aasessment and new business opportunities and uptake strategies
  • Analysis of the technical requirements characteristics, smart appliances, end-user interfaces and communication platforms of the smart meters (electricity, water, heat and cooling), that European electrical networks already deployed.
  • Overview of the ongoing business practices concerning energy services and the potential business models that can be supported by a solution such as AnyPLACE.

Key Findings

  • Utilities in general are moving towards the new generation of smart meters that will allow connectivity to become a de facto reality, interconnecting users and the grid.
  • There is a great diversity in existing metering systems as well as underlying regulatory context
  • Smart appliances and home and building automation are becoming a reality but with diverse technology and not always as open as desired, representing a challenge for the AnyPLACE modularity and interoperability
  • Current business models are not relying on home energy management systems like AnyPLACE but it represents an opportunity for several stakeholders to leverage their current business.
  • The economic viability is still a barrier as existing economic conditions, which were the conclusions drawn from the analysis carried out on the current electricity tariff schemes in several EU countries.
  • New services will be supported properly with the technological platform developed in the project, namely demand response programs. Higher value services, such as ancillary services, can help in creating the economic motivation for changing consumption behavior.
  • A cost-effective solution like AnyPLACE can meet the target of 100€/unit with the final cost estimate being 20% below the target set by the LCE-7-2014 call.

The information we learned would be of interest to:

Energy retailers, system operators, manufacturers, consumers

Further reading:

Project documentation will be available on this site as it is published.

D.2 Economic assessment, new business opportunities and market uptake strategies