Project Management of AnyPLACE

Activities and Goals

  • Coordination of the project activities and progress execution of the different Work Packages
  • Management of tasks and related interdependencies
  • Pilot support
  • Liaison with EU initiative

Key Findings

  • Initial characterisation of the physical, economic and social context took more time due to the limited information that is available and due to the differences in detail of the information available in the different EU countries. This characterisation should have had the active participation of regulatory entities from EU countries.
  • The AnyPLACE solution was implemented following a product development cycle. There was a specification of the product, followed by an implementation phase with specific tests being carried out, and a final acceptance testing was performed in laboratory conditions to approve the solution for the project pilot rollout. This being a very time consuming set of tasks there should have been more development stages that could guarantee a more structured maturation of the product.
  • The pilot of the project was carried out in a group of 25 households and businesses which had to be recruited, and their owners encouraged to become active member in the field activities. Their participation was highly dependent on strong communication ties that need to be established so that participants were regularly updated on the project progress. The prototype nature of the solution produced needed to be clearly explained to participants to deal with its inherent limitations and also to collect usage information to drive improvements in the solution.
  • Energy management alone is not the driver for end consumers to participate in behaviour-changing initiatives such as demand response. The project pilot has shown that users need to be educated in the issues of energy management so that they understand role better, which is to change from passive consumers to active prosumers.
  • Joint initiatives to show the cooperation between projects allowed the sharing of experiences and the creation of research and development synergies.

The information we learned would be of interest to:

  • H2020 Project Partners, Project Managers

Further Reading

Detailed project documentation will be available on this site as it is published.