Policy and Regulatory Contexts affecting the AnyPLACE solution

Activities and Goals

  • To summarise the regulatory context across European countries
  • To offer regulatory and policy recommendations for EU stakeholders

A study was untertaken to identify the policy and regulatory contexts affecting the development of the AnyPLACE platform. The detailed results of these studies will be posted here, on completion of the project. Below is an executive summary of what the studies uncovered, and the lessons learned during the project implementation.

Key Findings 


Standards are crucial for successful integration of a solution like AnyPLACE. The overlap of different technical areas (telecommunications, metering, smart devices, security and privacy) created a very complex environment. There is a need for regulation to allow end users to participate in energy markets, by providing energy services to the network. A common language for information exchange among different actors is crucial, and there is a need for a harmonised EU regulatory framework. Above all, a well-planned strategy for participants’ engagement is necessary in demonstration projects involving the public, and a good user experience is essential for increased consumer engagement.

Open Questions

Due to differences in regulations and communication protocols there are still interoperability issues to be considered. The interoperability of multi-metering systems is still not achieved. Although technical feasibility and consumers’ willingness to participate exist, there is still the need for policies and regulations to support new services that will facilitate participation in demand response.

The information we learned would be of interest to:

  • EU citizens
  • Future R&D Project Consortia
  • Utilities
  • Grid operators
  • Industry
  • Market actors

Further reading

Project Documents will be posted on www.anyplace2020.org as they are published.

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