Testing, Validation and Demonstration


  • Test the different modules that compose the AnyPLACE
  • Validate the implementation through acceptance tests
  • Demonstrate the solution

Key Findings

The different modules of the AnyPLACE solution that were implemented were tested by the different partners in laboratory conditions capable of representing the expected field conditions. Several corrections and patches were production to meet the functional, technical and technological requirements set for the AnyPLACE.

A total of 5 rounds of acceptance tests were defined with the required SW and HW modules for the test of:

  • External information access
  • User interface operation
  • Energy optimisation
  • Communications
  • Device manager
  • Alarms management

The demonstration of the AnyPLACE solution was carried out in several initiatives.

At public events such as European Utility Week’17 it was possible to show to the general public the energy optimisation capabilities, the automation with existing smart plugs in the market and the integration with a smart meter from EFACEC. General users as well as technology driven users provided relevant feedback for the project pilot in real buildings.

At the private workshops and events carried out with pilot participants it was possible to demonstrate how the AnyPLACE could operate in their households in a set of energy use examples designed to show the energy optimisation. Relevant feedback was collect for additional developments to better suit the AnyPLACE solution and the companion app (available Android and iOS).

Documentation for the AnyPLACE solution and demo videos allowed the pilot participants and the general public to better understand the objective and opportunities in planning and managing their energy expenditures

The information we learned would be of interest to:

  • Manufacturers, Integrators